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Read Aladore as a Word Tree

Why not?

Check out an Aladore word tree visualization

created using Word Tree, http://www.jasondavies.com/wordtree

Basically you choose a word, and the visualization shows you all the things the follow that word anywhere in the text.  If you choose a word that is only used once–there will be just one line of text.  If you choose a commonly used word, you will get an amazing cross section of the entire text arranged on the tree.  It is a quick and interesting way to browse the text or get a sense of what it says about specific topics.



Still Working on Aladore!

Okay, so despite the lack of Aladore related posts for awhile, Digital Aladore is still working on the final EPUB!

I just decided to take some more time to think about the final formatting and polish.  However, lets say you are really, really dieing to read my new text, you could go read it where I posted it on Juxta… just kidding, here is a downloadable plain text version, saved in ODT (WordPress doesn’t let me post txt, sorry for the silly work around):


Or if you prefer, here is a very basic HTML version, again saved in ODT:


I offer these unformatted versions in case you want to do something with the plain text, like use it for textual analysis or something else fun!  For example you could:

Do some text analysis with TAPoR ware, http://taporware.ualberta.ca/~taporware/textTools

Explore the text with visualizations at Voyant, http://voyant-tools.org

Or try out some serious visual analytics using Jigsaw, http://www.cc.gatech.edu/gvu/ii/jigsaw

(They are all free!)

Let me know if you come up with something interesting!