Thoughts About EPUB3

When I first started looking into the EPUB3 specs, I was excited by the possibilities of a more powerful ebook format. Just think of all the neat things you can create with simple CSS and JS! I imagined creating little “epub apps” like a calculator or timer. It would be a neat way to add functionality to very simple devices such as the Sony Reader. I created a few test versions, however these demos often worked in Calibre’s built in reader, but were not functional with any actual ereaders.

Of course, the point would be to go beyond silly little apps and add some interesting and valuable extensions to the ebook, such as text collation or visualizations. Simple adjustable collation tools could be embedded so that the reader could query the text while reading. Some of this functionality has been built into the reading apps on some devices, such as Kindle X-Ray. Simple interactive elements would be useful for textbooks and manuals to make information delivery more interesting. Imagine something like Jupyter Notebook, which can run embedded Python code.

Unfortunately, there just isn’t good support for the advanced features of EPUB3 in an open and flexible way.  As I mentioned in a previous post, device makers only seem interested in the possibilities of further limiting users with tougher DRM, rather than enabling new possibilities. In the ideal world we could combine the open format with open hardware and software!


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