After completing the tweaks outlined in the last few posts, I opened the Aladore epub with Calibre’s built in editor for a final look.  As mentioned in previous posts, the editor is comparable to Sigil, although not necessarily designed for creating ebooks from scratch. However, because it is built into Calibre’s ebook library management platform, it is great for making tweaks on the fly for testing on your reading devices. Also, development on the project currently seems more active than Sigil.

To get a overview of the contents of the epub, I open Reports from the Tools menu.  This analyzes the package, listing all the files, words, images, styles, characters, and links.  It is a nice way to quickly look for any issues that might still be lurking. I scan through the words to see if any weirdness stands out, then check the characters to ensure there is nothing strange.  You will learn interest factoids, such as “and” is the most used word at 4001 times, or there is 66,910 spaces in the ebook.

reportsIt is worth noting that Calibre slightly modifies the metadata when ebooks are added to the library.  If you are anal about your newly perfected markup, you might want to re-edit it.  One powerful feature of the editor is “Compare to another book” under the File menu. It creates a nice visualization highlighting the differences between versions of the ebook (compare with Juxta used earlier in Digital Aladore). Here it is showing the differences introduced by the automatic Calibre metadata edits:


So everything looks okay! I also flipped through it on my reader for a final “user testing” session.

Finally, we want to run it though IDPF’s EPUB Validator (a free web-based tool) to ensure everything is kosher:


Ready for distribution?


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