New Cover

I mentioned that I wanted to create a new cover image for the epub. After playing around with some ideas, I decided to NOT get creative… I just grabbed the cover off the 1915 edition of Aladore and tweaked it for the ebook:

aladore_coverI think a cover should be simple and display the title large enough that it is readable as a thumbnail. This enables easy and informative browsing on reading devices. Oddly enough this old book cover seems to work just fine.

I brightened up the image and cropped it down to a narrower 1.6 ratio, pixel size 729×1199 (using GIMP of course).  Like all things ebook, there isn’t any universal standards or guidelines for cover images, each device and corporation suggests a slightly different ratio and pixel size.  Since this version of the ebook is intended for dedicated ereaders, I kept the image on the smaller end, but still high quality enough to not look horrible on a larger screens such as a NookHD or iPad (in case you are wondering, there will be another version of the ebook optimized for newer devices, following the full epub3 standard, coming later).



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