Code Typography

At Digital Aladore we have been talking a bit about typography and about code. So what if you want a bit of good typographical design in your code?

Luckily, version 2.0 of the Hack typeface was released this week– oh the excitement!! Hack is Free and Open, and specifically designed for coding, AND I think looks pretty nice.  So it fits right in to the Digital Aladore scheme.

But if Hack doesn’t do it for you, check out Programming Fonts of the World (really it exists!), a blog devoted to monospace font news.  They have a fun app where you can test out the various combinations of theme and font in a simulated editor window (based on CodeMirror, a js browser editor.  Or you can get all the fonts with this package for the ultra-customizable (and fun) text editor Atom).  Find something that floats your boat and makes coding a bit more beautiful and fun!



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