Poetry Markup

If you remember, I talked a bit about the difficulties of formatting the poetry in an ebook (Aladore didn’t turn out tooooo complicated, since the poems and structures were pretty simple). And if you remember way back, we started on the journey To Aladore with a bit of poetry, the Song of the Children in Paladore.

So, to preview the new poetry markup and styling, I put the new CSS inline so we can revisit the song:

To Aladore, to Aladore,

Who goes the pilgrim way?

Who goes with us to Aladore

Before the dawn of day?

O if we go the pilgrim way,

Tell us, tell us true,

How do they make their pilgrimage

That walk the way with you?

O you must make your pilgrimage

By noonday and by night,

By seven years of the hard hard road

And an hour of starry light.

O if we go by the hard hard road,

Tell us, tell us true,

What shall they find in Aladore

That walk the way with you?

You shall find dreams in Aladore,

All that ever were known:

And you shall dream in Aladore

The dreams that were your own.

O then, O then to Aladore,

We’ll go the pilgrim way,

To Aladore, to Aladore,

Before the dawn of day.

Do you like it better than the Blockquote on the old To Aladore post?

Here is what it looked like in print:

To Aladore, p.250, 1914 edition

p.250, 1914 edition

You can see that the print verse is actually in a slightly smaller font. To reproduce a bit of these typographical techniques used to set off the poetry from body text, I added a few more CSS tweaks: font-size: 0.95em; word-spacing: 0.2em.


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