Aladore on WordPress post?

Want to see a preview? I put all the new Aladore CSS inline for the first page of chapter III, it doesn’t necessarily come out all correct, since this is WordPress–the posts don’t serve up the exact html I type in. But, if you put all that new markup together, you should get something like this:


THEN Ywain turned his face towards the village, and went down the hill: and he went with a good heart, for though the boy had left him, yet he hoped not to be long without him, and even now when he looked straight forward it seemed that he had the joy of his company and his laughter. But when he turned and looked beside him, there was but his own shadow; black it lay and long, and about the edges of it a brightness was shining. Then he remembered that the sun was low and night rising among the hollows, and he bethought him of his supper and sleep.

So he went quickly to the village, and passed through it and came to the farmer’s house that lay beside the great wood: and the farmwife gave him welcome, as one that knew not who he was, but could well pitch her guess within a mile or so. And she whispered to her husband, but he was hard of hearing and full of slumber from the fields. So when Ywain had supped, they showed him where he should lie. And when he was come there he laid him down, and the day went from him in a moment and he knew no more whether he were alive or dead.

There are a few more tweaks to do on this text, which we will talk about in this section!


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