Polishing Plans

Digital Aladore has slowed down a bit… its been a bit busy with other things!

I am thinking more about how to best polish the draft EPUB.  Here are the basic ideas:

  • Better represent the sections of Verse in the text.
  • Better format the text body and chapter headings.
  • Create HTML table of contents at the beginning.
  • Simplify the image formatting.
  • Better cover image.

I would also like to explore the difference between EPUB 2 and 3 to see if the ebook should be updated to the latest standards.

Finally, I would like to test the EPUB on a variety of readers.  So far I have been testing it on my SONY PRS-T1, it would be good to get some impressions on other devices.

Don’t expect anything too soon… sorry!

If you are bored, here is Aladore loaded up in Voyant Tools, so you can explore the word trends… exciting!



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