Free eBook Creation Machine

So you have your new junk computer ready, now you need some ebook creation software!

This post provides a list of the tools used in the final EPUB creation workflow at Digital Aladore.  If you are running one of the major Linux Distributions (such as Ubuntu) the easiest way to find/install most of these applications is via the Software Center.  However, it is worth checking the version number, since the ones available are often a few up-dates behind.

DownThemAll! this is the download manager/batcher that helps you harvest images of public domain books to OCR.  It is an extension for Firefox, so it is easiest to get by visiting the Add-ons menu in the browser or

ScanTailor, this handy tool created by the DYI book scanner community will help batch preprocess the image files for your book.  Get it in the Software Center or from

Tesseract-OCR, you need to install this OCR engine for, well OCR…  It can be used via command line or with a seporately installed GUI.  Mysteriously, it is listed as “Command line OCR tool” in the Ubuntu Software Center.  Or get it from

YAGF, very simple OCR GUI with Tesseract to export HTML text.  It can be found in Software Centers, but is usually out-of-date compared to the version on the website,

BlueFish, handy HTML text editor with powerful batch tools, get it from Software Center or

GIMP, image editor for fixing up the illustrations, available at most Software Centers or

Sigil, full featured EPUB editing tool, get the latest version here

Calibre, very handy ebook management and editing tool,

That’s the essential list!  More than everything you need to create an ebook, but if you need more, check out the Digital Aladore tools bibliography.



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