Free Computers!

I have mentioned Free software through out the Digital Aladore project.  In fact, the final processing routine was completed entirely with Free software.  But, I haven’t mentioned yet that the whole project was completed on a laptop I found discarded in my neighbourhood laundry room!

Digital Aladore is a zero budget project: Public domain content, Free software, Recycled hardware!

Many people have old computers laying around doing nothing because the old bloated operating system gets too sluggish, forcing you to buy the newest hardware.  I live on a university campus and I regularly see old computers sitting at the dumpsters–that’s a No-No! E-waste is a huge issue that requires the good old Reduce, Reuse, Recycle strategy.

I thought I should do a few posts explaining my workflow to refurbish an old computer into an awesome free software machine (for creating ebooks of course)!  Its way easier than you imagine–and if the old hardware is free there is nothing to lose!

Here’s the basic outline:

1) Find an old computer

2) Clean it up

3) Erase the harddrive

4) Install an OS

5) Install some applications

Details to follow!


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