Another Juxta use!

After creating my best text combining my OCR transcripts of Aladore 1914 and 1915 editions, I realized I had a “newer” version of the 1914 text that I didn’t use! When creating the draft Aladore EPUB using the 1914 text, I spent some time correcting the paragraph breaks since they are not very accurate in the OCR text.  The version I used for the Juxta collations did not include these corrections…

No big deal–I just put the text I created with Juxta in the last post back into Juxta as a witness and collated it with the forgotten 1914 version.  Then I could scroll through to quickly add edits to the best text.  Done.

Basically I was combining the edits of the two texts, kind of amazing idea when you think about it, since they happened asynchronously with different source texts.  Juxta is useful as a versioning tool–I am sure there are some others available aimed at coders.  But Juxta is free and simple to use.  I suggest the desktop version unless you want to share online.  Also, if you have a wordpress site, there is a plugin to embed Juxta collations.


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