Tools Bibliography

Here is a basic list of tools used during the project.

The listing provides a link to the main software website. However, if you search for related posts on this blog, I usually give more details about using the tool and links to resources.  I tried to mark Free Software as (Free), although all items listed are cost free.  If I high recommend a tool, I have marked it with *** three asterisks!

General resources:

Creative Commons License choosing widget,

“What is Free software,”

Linux Command Line,

Project Gutenberg Distributed Proofreaders [crowd source editing of ebooks],

DIY Book Scanner [community with guides on how to do your own digitization],


Sigil *** [EPUB editor/creator (Free)],

Writer2epub [EPUB export extension for Open/LibreOffice (Free)],

Calibre *** [ebook management and editing (Free)],


Bluefish Editor *** [powerful text editor for web development and programming (Free)],

PDF Readers:

Sumatra PDF *** [multi-purpose reader (Free)],

Evince [multi-purpose reader (Free)],

PDF Readers,

PDF Utilities:

PDF Shaper [Freeware simple PDF utilities],

Briss [cropping utility with page clustering (Free)],

K2PDF [PDF reformatter for ereaders (Free)],

jPdf Tweak [“Swiss Army Knife for PDF files”(Free)],

iText RUPS [PDF structure utility (Free)],

diff-pdf [document comparison utility],

OCR Engines:

Tesseract *** (Free),

Ocrad (Free),

CuneiForm [main website is broken, get it from a repository (Free)],


YAGF *** (Free),

OCRFeeder *** (Free),




Image Processing:

ScanTailor *** [post-processing suite for scanned images (Free)],

GIMP *** [raster image editor (Free)],

ImageJ [advanced scientific image processing and analysis (Free)],

Fiji [=ImageJ],

FastStone Image Viewer,

Office Suites:

LibreOffice *** (Free),

OpenOffice *** (Free),

Other Utilities:

Notepad++ *** [text file editor with many plugins and features (Free)],

Juxta [text collation tool (Free)],

7-zip [archive package manager (Free)],

DownThemAll! [download manager, Firefox extension (Free)],

AdvancedRenamer [file and directory batch renamer],

GPRename [file and directory batch renamer],






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