Finishing off the EPUB

Now that we have the scaled JPG illustrations, its easy to insert them into the ebook with Sigil.

Simply find the correct location (I followed the layout used in the print book) and use Insert > File.  Sigil will copy the image into the Images directory of the EPUB and insert the basic img tag into the HTML.  If we want the illustration to display properly on a ereader screen we will need to tweak the tags, but that will be another day…


Inserting images.

Now we have to finish off a few more loose ends.

First, our ebook needs some metadata.  Click the Metadata icon or Tools > Metadata Editor.


Add metadata.

At a minimum an EPUB requires a Title, but an Author and Date are usually included as well.  The Metadata Editor allows you to embed more complex metadata if desired.  For this draft EPUB I didn’t get fancy, but I added an entry for Alice as illustrator.

Next we need to create the Table of Contents via Tools > Table of Contents > Generate Table of Contents.  Sigil allows you decide which headings to include in the TOC.  It is also easy to change the level of any heading in the book individually or as a batch during this operation–very convenient!

I also went into the first HTML section and reproduced the title page from the front matter of the original book.

Finally, I created a quick cover image and inserted it using Tools > Add Cover.  I am not exactly proud of this cover, but it will serve for now:

Draft cover image.

Draft cover image.

The draft EPUB needs a lot more polish, but it is functional.  So, that’s it for now!



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