Re naming files

Just a quick thought to pass on some tools I have been using:

Since I have a big batch of image files for the two editions of Aladore, I wanted to normalize the file names just to make things easy for myself and keep everything straight.  For example, the page images from Internet Archive Aladore 1914 were named like “aladoren00newbuoft_0001.jpg”.  I think the name comes from “aladore” (title) + “n00” (?) + “newb” (author newbolt) + “uoft” (scanning center, University of Toronto).  I wanted to switch them to a more memorable and sensible name, like “aladore_1914_ia_0001.jpg”.  It makes things a lot easier when you are working on the command line (with Tesseract) if you don’t have to remember something weird.

There are a few options out there to do this.  Personally I use AdvancedRenamer on Windows and GPRename on linux.


  • Great utility for batch renaming files.  You can change the file name plus a lot of the embedded metadata or tags such as timestamps or geolocation.  Freeware.  Very handy and powerful.


  • Simple Perl based utility.  A lot of nice automatic options built in, like changing the case or trimming spaces.

P.s. If you use xfce, there is Bulk-renamer as a plugin for Thunar,


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