Creative Commons

Sorry for lack of new posts for awhile.   I live in a neighborhood full of kids and I can confirm that cold season is in full swing here now…

You may have noticed that added a handy CC License icon to the blog side bar recently.  I realized I should have the license advertized loud and clear.  There are a lot of great reasons to choose a CC license.  I just like to share, and hope publicly offering my work to share generates mutual respect and more sharing!

This applies to the content of the blog, however, all the Aladore text will be licensed public domain.

If you are interested in adding this cool widget (and licensing) to your blog, follow two easy steps:

1) use this handy CC widget generator to choose a license and get the HTML:

2) go into your blog Appearance > Widgets settings and add a “Text Widget.”  A text widget allows you to paste in any text, including HTML, to add to your widget areas.  Maybe it should be called a widget widget since the main use will be to paste in HTML widgets from other sites.  So copy and paste the HTML generated by the CC page into the text widget, and Wow!  You have a handy CC License on your sidebar!


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