New location for files

Okay, I decided to find a good home for the files I am creating… The best I can come up with is the Internet Archive ( Community Text Collection.  If you are not familiar with the collections at the Internet Archive, it is definitely worth exploring.  They are vast and fascinating, including everything from scans of historical books to live music bootlegs uploaded by fans (with permission from the bands).  There is even a huge collection of broadcast TV and movies.  The Wayback Machine provides access to their collection of archived websites–amazing and useful.

So here is the new page to download versions of the “Two Stories by Edgar Allan Poe relating to Blackwood’s Magazine” that I was using to test out some ideas:

Update:  I noticed one odd/funny thing that has done to my files.  I first uploaded my hand made EPUB.  Later I uploaded the PDF I created based on the EPUB. assumes that the PDF is the original document, so it then automatically generated alternative formats based on the PDF–thus there is now a second EPUB, one that was generated by OCRing from my PDF!  Very strange.  I recommend downloading only my original EPUB, which has a file name “Poe_Blackwood_Article.epub” and is 118.5 K.


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