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Aladore was first published, without illustrations (because Alice was taking too long), serially in Blackwood’s Magazine.  Blackwood’s was originally considered a conservative magazine, but often featured “miscellany” from more radical poets, such as romantics Shelly and Coleridge.  Part of this version of Aladore can be found online as a scan of the library bound volumes:

Blackwood’s Magazine, Vol. 195 (January to June 1914):

Unfortunately, this volume includes only the first two installments (in May and June 1914).  The rest of the story is in vol. 196 which is not available anywhere.  There is a listing on Google books, however, it is one of those works that you can search and preview, but can not download.  For no reason… its so frustrating!  It has been scanned, all the other volumes are available for download, it is public domain, but… ?

It would be interesting to compare the serialized text to the one found in the publish books.  However, since we do not have a complete text, I will probably forget about that for now.

Anyway, its worth mentioning that Henry was no stranger to the publishing and editing business.  As mentioned,  Margaret’s family were prominent publishers.  Henry was also the editor of The Monthly Review (London: John Murray) from 1900 to 1904.  Henry was the only official staff member–however, Ella did a huge amount of the work, living in London with Henry, while Margaret was with the children.  The magazine featured literary and art reviews, check out an example edited by Henry here:

The Monthly Review, Vol. 3 (April to June 1901): 



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