I can’t decide what to name the next section of this project.  In the outline I called it “Get PDFs”, which is literally the goal.  But, I want the process to be reflective, careful, and a bit methodical–not just a Google search for “aladore filetype:pdf” (you get some strange results for that one by the way…).

I have a background in Classical Studies where all the primary sources rely on the ancient art of Textual Criticism.  The purposes of this project are much more simplistic–I want to produce a good reading copy, not a academic Critical Edition.  None-the-less, I believe thinking about textual criticism is important here.  I will devote at least a whole post to that thought soon, but for now I just want to borrow some terms:

Transmission: the text does NOT come from the authors mind/pen/typewriter to our eyes.  It has a complex life in the physical world, being copied, edited, printed, etc etc.

Witnesses: these are the surviving documents, the physical manifestations of the text.  Each has differing characteristics gained during its transmission.

Collation: gathering and comparing all known witnesses to understand the text’s history and create a best version.

For this project, we are really only interested in digitized copies of Aladore, rather than the complete publication and manuscript history.  However, it is important to sort out how those digital texts relate the previous formats.  In the ancient world of hand written scrolls the act of copying makes the perils of textual transmission obvious, but we face the same issues in publishing and digitization.

I still can’t decide, “Get PDFs” or “Witnesses” or…

how about, “3. Witnesses”



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