To Aladore!

Finally lets move on to Aladore itself!

Song of the children in Paladore

To Aladore, to Aladore,
Who goes the pilgrim way?
Who goes with us to Aladore
Before the dawn of day?

O if we go the pilgrim way
Tell us, tell us true,
How do they make their pilgrimage
That walk the way with you?

O you must make your pilgrimage
By noonday and by night,
By seven years of the hard, hard road
And an hour of starry light.

O if we go by the hard, hard road
Tell us, tell us true,
What shall they find in Aladore
That walk the way with you?

You shall find dreams in Aladore
All that ever were known:
And you shall dream in Aladore
The dreams that were your own.

O then, O then to Aladore,
We’ll go the pilgrim way,
To Aladore, to Aladore,
Before the dawn of day.


p.s. if you adore this song, British classical composer Granville Bantock set it to music, so you could comb sheet music archives to find a copy:
Song of the Children in Paladore. Two-part Song for Children’s Voices, poem by H. Newbolt, by Granville Bantock (J. Curwen & Sons, 1929)

If you find a copy let me know, also if you could sing it–I would love to hear it!


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