Illustrated by Lady Hylton

Before moving on, I wanted to check out the illustrator of Aladore, “Lady Hylton.”

Okay, I am American.  If you pay attention to those things, you may have noticed I don’t bother with the ridiculous special titles for Henry.  Peerage, bleh…

So it is hard to trace correct Lady Hylton.  The lady who illustrated Aladore was Alice Adeliza [Hervey] Jolliffe Hylton.  I couldn’t find much about her, other than a genealogical listing on a Peerage website.

However, she did work with Newbolt on one other book:

The book of cupid: Being an Anthology from the English poets, with 23 illustrations by Lady Hylton and introduction by Henry Newbolt (London: Constable & Co. 1909)

There are no digital copies available that I could find–you might get a copy from Rare Books and Special Collections somewhere…

So she is not well known as far as I can tell!


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