Quick Outline

So the last post was about the general idea, i.e. make a nice, useable ebook edition of Aladore [while doing some experiential learning along the way!].  Today I just want to outline the basic work plan going forward.  I will post about each of the steps in more detail as I work through the process, but here is the start:

1) Background research: learn more about the author, book, and history of publication.  If we were going to make an actual critical edition this research would be, well, critical.  I am not going into that level of detail, but I want to be informed about the materials I am working with.

2) Get PDFs: find the raw materials for this project.  I would like to have two different scanned copies of the work to compare.

3) Test OCR: to create the ebook text, we need to run Optical Character Recognition on the PDFs.  I would like to test out some open source OCR tools against the standard commercial ones such as ABBYY.

4) Compare Editions: use visualization tools to compare the different book versions.  Quick and dirty textual criticism light!

5) Edit into Best Edition: weave together the highest quality edition based on the best available original text, scanning, and OCR.

6) Massage epub: edit and polish the text to create a readable ebook.

7) Release: send the text out into the world to be used!


Looks pretty strait forward here in a list… but, don’t worry, it will get ugly!

I have some good ideas for most of the process [I am fuzziest on #7], but send me some ideas and comments,



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